Protect your assets
from malicious actors.
Introducing KillSwitch™: A dead-man trigger smart contract system that instantly moves your crypto assets to a separate wallet when an unauthorized transaction takes place.
The problem: Security
Crypto theft is rampant in the freewheeling frontier of DeFi. Cryptocurrency-based crime hit a new all-time high in 2022, with illicit addresses receiving $20.6 billion over the course of the up from $18.1 billion in 2021.* Data from the 2023 Chainalysis Crypto Crime Report

As a result, security is becoming more and more necessary. The current options such as Vaults and Security Wrappers have an identical problem that KillSwitch solves: your tokens stay in your wallet. With a vault and security wrapper, you have to deposit the tokens, not allowing you whole ownership.
The solution: KillSwitch™
Theft from crypto wallets is increasing and the losses are staggering. A few companies have attempted to address this challenge by creating alert systems that notify wallet holders when unauthorized transactions take place. Alerts are important, but they may not be fast enough and they can't automatically stop theft of crypto assets.
Utilize notifications to stay on top of not just your wallets, but any wallets or contracts you are interested in.
A dead-man trigger smart contract system instantly moves crypto assets to a separate wallet when an unauthorized transaction takes place.
Asset recovery is possible without paying a cent. Utilize KillSwitch™ to setup direct asset recovery should your wallet become lost or broken.
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